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Sugar Bliss

Seasonal flavors: Vanilla Eggnog (left) & Gingerbread Spice (right)
Sugar Bliss is my favorite cupcake shop in Chicago. While other shops may temporarily slide into the number one spot (there really are so many fantastic cupcake places to choose from!), I always end up comparing them to Sugar Bliss and will eventually make my way back to my tried and true favorite. They consistently have high-quality cupcakes and there are always so many awesome flavors available.

I work less than a block away from their Wabash location so you can expect them to make fairly frequent appearances here. I visit them a bit more than I would like to admit... but there are so many lovely cupcakes just waiting to find their way to my mouth! It's hard to resist the call of the delicious cupcake... right?!

I love their Vanilla Eggnog, Vanilla Vanilla, and Strawberry Dream flavors, but I think my absolute favorite is the Peanut Butter & Jelly. Unfortunately fortunately, it's only offered once a year (as an autumn/back to school specialty). While I occasionally do enjoy one of those crazy cupcakes smothered in five inches of frosting and a bag of candy pieces, I tend to prefer simple cupcakes with robust flavors. I don't care what the pretentious food snobs say (cupcakes are sooo last year/cupcakes are juvenile) - to me, nothing beats a good cupcake.

Are you pro/con cupcake? For those of you who love them, what's your favorite flavor? 



  1. VANILLA EGGNOG? Sweet Jesus. I want one. Now.

    While I think some pseudo Junior League mommies jumped on the bandwagon and attempted to take advantage of the cupcake appeal (and have failed miserably), there are some places that do the cupcakes justice. Between you and me, I wish I had the baking skills (and money) to open a place.

    We have one here called Bubblecake, and I will readily admit to loving days when someone brings one by work unexpectedly. Last week I won cupcakes for my 1st block class. They were delivered to school while I'm out on medical leave. I heard my kiddos were snarfing some cake and icing goodness. Made me completely happy!

  2. I love cupcakes too! I think my favorite one was at a wedding reception recently (yes a wedding reception with all cupcakes!). the cupcake was a mock up of a Hostess cupcake with the cream filling! Yum!

  3. @Mouthy Girl: The vanilla eggnog is DA BOMB!! :-)

    You're totally right about the cupcake bandwagon - so many mediocre cupcake places have popped up in the last couple of years. Fortunately, I think they're dieing out, as they just cannot complete with the really awesome places. Oddly enough, I've actually heard of Bubblecake - I have a friend from Richmond who loves that place!

    @Deb: Wedding reception with all cupcake = my dream party!!

  4. The special red velvet at Alliance Bakery. It has a raspberry coulis filling. Swoon!

    and the Boston Cream cupcake at Taste of Heaven in Andersonville. That's a yummy one, too.

  5. @Diana: That Boston Cream cupcake is so, so delicious! I always have a hard time choosing between that one & the raspberry one (Raspberry Dream?).

    I really need to get back to Alliance soon!

  6. I can live without cupcakes but I'm also not much of a cake person in general unless it's carrot cake.

  7. @Sarah: I could live without cake, but not without cupcakes... yes, I know cupcakes are cake, but really, cake is just so much better when presented in its tiny form.

  8. Lurvs me some cupcakes! Here in ATL we have tons of storefronts but my FAVE is the YumYum Cupcake food truck (

    She travels around the city delivering the yumminess. All of her cupcakes have girl's names, too! Oh - her truck is named "Pinky". If you are ever here we will find her.

    Best flavor? Her "Penelope" - Chocolate cake with peanut butter
    buttercream topped with peanut butter drizzle...OMG to die for.

  9. @Marni: I LOVE cupcake trucks!! YumYum Cupcake?! That is the most adorable name ever!


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