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Guest Post: Introducing Sarah

Hey all! Starr is kind enough to allow me to occasionally invade her foodie blog with my own thoughts, recipes, and food experiences! But first, let me tell you about myself.

I'm a college instructor who teaches public speaking and various communication courses. A common how-to speech? Making some sort of food. (Advice to future students: don't lick your hand during the how-to part and then offer us the food you've been touching with the same hands. Because suddenly I'll claim a food allergy! And some of you? Can't cook or bake. Please just don't.)

I wouldn't call myself, or my husband, a foodie, but we do enjoy good food and wine and we try to be adventurous. We know a lot of food snobs that end up missing out on some great meals because it's not "fancy" enough for them.

My favorite food is probably Indian, though I feel like we're always on the hunt for "the best pizza." We currently live in downstate rural NY (originally from Western NY) and there is no "best Indian," no decent Indian even. :( I love cheese but have some mild lactose intolerance issues, so out of courtesy to those I'm around  I try to limit my dairy intake. We're currently on a tight budget, but even when we're not we like to find restaurants/wines that are a good deal for your money. We don't eat at too many chains and are strong supporters of local stores and wineries. (Looking for a good New York State wine? I've got you covered.)

I hope to share some restaurant reviews in case you're ever traveling in my general area or anywhere else we've traveled and found a gem worth sharing, in addition to some of our favorite recipes. They aren't exactly fancy, but they're easy enough to make, so hopefully, you'll enjoy them.



  1. I look forward to reading about your pizza trips. I'm always looking for good pizza in the NY area, as I travel there for work quite often. Sadly, I haven't found anything too exciting yet, but I'm sure it's there somewhere!

  2. "...don't lick your hand during the how-to part and then offer us the food you've been touching with the same hands."

    OMG! And I thought the sneezing without covering your face & spraying snot all over students were bad. LOL!

  3. How about reviewing that awesome Indian place in WNY! You know the one!!!

  4. SS, it's totally on the list.
    Jenn, I'm still looking :(
    wear prof, it's my favorite story to tell when I go over dos and don'ts for how-to speeches.


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