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So you’re going to be in…. Rhinebeck

*Guest post by chicago foodie girl contributor, Sarah W

Located about 2 hours north of NYC, Rhinebeck is a cute, but expensive small town just past Hyde Park where all the FDR stuff is hosted. There are a number of restaurants in Rhinebeck, many of which are rumored to be overpriced for the quality of food. But given that there's so little else to do in the general area, they are often pretty busy. 

If you were visiting me, I'd take you to what I consider to be the best restaurant we've ate at since we moved here. (I live about 25 minutes from Rhinebeck.)
Aroi Thai offers great Thai food at a reasonable price when you consider the meal, the atmosphere and their awareness of working within what's local and in-season when they can. Service is also very fast, which I like. Most importantly, we've eaten there several times and have always had a yummy, satisfying meal. 

If it's nice, you can sit outside, which we did a couple weeks ago with the unseasonably warm weather. My husband and I always order spring rolls (veggie) for an appetizer. I'm sure the other appetizers are great, but the combination of the flavors in the lightly fried spring roll and the sweet and spicy dipping sauce, have become something we crave.

Pineapple Fried Rice w/ Chicken

Green Curry "Thai Hot" w/ shrimp
On this particular visit, I ordered green curry with shrimp. My husband ordered pineapple fried rice with chicken. On a previous visit, he had ordered that same dish and said it was good but not hot enough. This time he requested it hot and it was hotter but not “Thai hot.” I order green curry when I'm in the mood for Thai Hot, which is their highest heat level. (Most dishes can be made to your preference for heat and most have a vegetarian/tofu option.)  Green curry is naturally hotter than red curry, so I'd recommend their red curry if you're unsure what you can tolerate. We enjoy spicier foods.   The curry is made with coconut milk, has an array of veggies and your choice of meat, and comes with a side of white rice. The fried rice has some veggies, egg, pineapple, and your choice of meat.
It's not a complete visit without dessert! I strongly recommend the ice cream. My favorites are the Thai tea and the roasted banana, pictured here. The tea ice cream is just enough of a balance of sweetness and tea for the end of a meal the roasted banana is so unique you just have to try it. Mixed in the flavored ice cream are bits of roasted banana and pistachios. One scoop of each is enough. 

Left: Thai tea, Right: roasted banana
Right now we're in the process of trying to convince friends to go here. They believe it's “too expensive” (though I argue it's the same price as the places we've gone to with them already). If we're successful, I'll be eating there again soon! I've eaten at a number of Thai places in a number of cities and this place blows them all away.



  1. Okay, I can't imagine I'll ever visit Rhinebeck, but if I do happen to end up there, I'm definitely going to Aroi! I loooove Thai food & this place sounds fantastic (and it's so cute!).

    Great. Now I'm craving Thai. Thanks a lot, Sarah.

  2. Well, if you ever visit me, I'd take you there.

  3. Oddly enough, I've actually heard of this restaurant. :) I have a friend who used to live in Red Hook and she said Aroi had the only decent Thai food in that area.

  4. weary prof, your friend is TOTALLY right. I have students in Red Hook, but I haven't been there myself...though if the rest of this area is any indication, I'm not missing tons. I wrongly assumed being "90 minutes" from NYC would be less country and more urban. :P

  5. Not only sounds good but looks good too! Cool pictures!


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