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Tuesday LTP: Skittle sorting

Okay, so it seems a bit anal... but I'm not the only one who does this, right?

I consider my Skittle sorting to be one of my many lovable quirks. I dump them out of the bag (unless I'm in a public place/on the go with nowhere to set my Skittles - I have a special bag shake sorting method for those situations) and sort them every time, without fail, for three very important reasons:

1) so that I can ration out the yellow (my favorite)
2) so that I can decide which other flavor(s) to pair with the purple (my least favorite)
3) so that I can end with a yellow.

Once I have them sorted by color, I also count the red, green, and orange piles in order to determine #2. The yellows always get eaten on their own, unless I decide to make a special yellow/purple combination; of course, that would only happen if I get an usually large amount of yellows in a bag (which is rare).

My coworkers think my Skittle sorting is hilarious, especially since I'm not as anal about other candies (I will occasionally sort M&M's, but Skittles & Starburst are really the only ones that I am a control freak about), but I think my reasoning makes perfect sense. :-)

Today's LTP: Are you a Skittle sorter? If so, what's your method? Do you sort any other candies?



  1. Not a huge Skittles fan, but I totally do this with M&Ms. :)

  2. I'm with Kait - not much of a Skittles fan but I sort my M&Ms. That's even crazier because all M&M's taste the same regardless of color. I'll also do it if I have jelly beans and that does make some sense. :)

  3. LOL! This is awesome....mostly because I'm guilty of the same. I sort not only Skittles, but also M&Ms, jelly beans, Starburst, and gummy bears. :)

  4. lol, I don't sort anything I just empty into my hand and eat my Skittles, M&M'S, Jelly Beans and etc,

  5. I sort any candy - Skittles, Runts, M&Ms, jelly beans, etc... Maybe we need to start a "Sorters Anonymous" group.

  6. We would work well together, I prefer the purple (and red) and dislike yellow and orange. purple and red can be eat together, but the others I pretty much eat on their own. Husband just shakes a handful into his hand and eats without regard to color!!

  7. I sort candy, definitely. And I prefer the purple/red candies in the UK, but not in the US. Here in the UK purple is usually blackcurrant or a berry flavour, in the US in my experience it's usually grape, which is just yuck, and red is usually strawberry here and cherry there... When I lived in Canada for a while, that was one of the tiny trivial things that could make me just melt with homesickness at the end of a bad week. Candy matters!

  8. Though I don't actually sort into piles, I do have a very specific method of eating Skittles: I want to get all my least-favorite flavors out of the way (yellow, orange) so I can enjoy my favorite ones (red, purple). I typically wind up eating all my least-faves first, then build my way up to the reds. But I guess I should point out that even a "bad" Skittle is still pretty delicious, so it's a win-win. :)

  9. Jason (aka Food Attire)April 25, 2012 at 11:42 AM

    Sorting candy is da bomb! I'm so happy to see that I'm not alone in my own sorting craziness!

    I eat Skittles by the number in each pile--the numbers will determine which flavors I start and end with. If I have a pile that's significantly bigger than the others, I will eat two or three at a time to even it all out.

  10. @Kait & Anita: I used to do it with M&M's, but stopped once the whole "they taste the same" realization set in. :-) I get the jelly bean thing - although I don't usually sort them, I will separate a few of my favorites for the end.

    @Sarah: Mario does the same! WTF?!? Blasphemy!!

    @Jane B: I'm okay with the red/cherry, but the purple/fake grape thing annoys me! I would LOVE if the purple here were blackcurrant or berry - so unfair!! And yes, candy totally matters - I feel the same way any time I have a Wispa Mint (I want to go back to London!).

    @Meg: Ha! You're right - Skittles are awesome no matter what! :-)


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