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Versatile Blogger Award

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive The Versatile Blogger award from not just one, but two bloggers.  I guess that means I'm just double the awesome, right?! :-)

Seriously, I really appreciate the recognition. Although I've been blogging for the last seven years, this is my first non-pseudonymous blog and my first food-focused blog. My audience over here is not only substantially larger than in the past, but it's also much more diverse, thanks to a combination of my readers from my academic blogging days, facebook followers, and all of my new foodbuzz readers. While I'm still working on striking a balance between writing about food and my personal life (and deciding how much I want floating around about my life on the internet *waves to my students who found me yesterday*), I love this little space and all of the awesome readers/commenters who hang out over here.

What is the Versatile Blogger Award? It is an opportunity for bloggers to publicly recognize other quality blogs. It's also a great way for recipients to promote some of their own favorite blogs that their readers might not have discovered otherwise. There are just a few rules: thank your nominator, share seven facts about yourself, and nominate fifteen other bloggers whom you think are deserving of the same accolade.

So first of all, let me thank both Peter (Feed Your Soul) and Connie (Smitten Foodie) for the nominations. I found both of their blogs a few months ago through foodbuzz and have been a loyal reader ever since. Obviously, if you don't already read them, you should head over there and check them out right now - so many great recipes & reviews!

Seven facts about me (x2):
1. I can name all fifty states in alphabetical order.
2. I hated my name when I was younger because I stood out (there wasn't much variety in Bay City back in the 80s), but now I love that it's different.
3. I have very fair skin that sunburns horribly (even when I'm slathered in sunscreen).
4. My favorite poets are Walt Whitman, Pablo Neruda, Anne Sexton, Marge Piercy, and Adrienne Rich.
5. I love, love, love sushi, but went through a two year period in which I couldn't eat it after a bad case of sushi food poisoning.
6. I am mildly climacophobia (thanks to multiple instances involving some nasty injuries after wiping out on stairs).
7. I once had a job delivering singing telegrams.
8. The semicolon is my favorite punctuation mark.
9. Because of my father's positive influence, I have very high expectations of men.
10. My middle name is Ann. Many of my older relatives refer to me by my first and middle names, which I hate (they run my names together & turn it into Starrann).
11. I once caught a guitar pick at a Siouxsie and the Banshees concert with my cleavage.
12. I am very good at remembering the smallest of details, which is both a blessing and a curse.
13. As much as I complain about it, I'm totally addicted to Turbo Kick (with the best teacher ever!).
14. I love calamari, but I will not eat the tentacles (they creep me out!).

Finally, 15 awesome bloggers:
These blogs are all filled with great recipes, interesting reviews, and an abundance of foodie porn...
Annie Oakley's Kitchen
Hungry Couple
Fragrant Vanilla Cake
Cravings of a Lunatic
Eat Your Heart Out
Sweet and Salty San Francisco
Sarcastic Cooking
Tastefully Julie
Amuse Your Bouche
Home Skillet
Tortillas and Honey
Equal Opportunity Kitchen (another former academic blogger turned food blogger!)

Three of my new favorite Chicago food bloggers:
Jax House
No Shame 
a girl and her food

Neither are food bloggers, but they are both fantastic ladies whose blogs fully reflect their fun personalities. I can personally attest to their awesomeness, as I've known them both since I was a name-hating theatre nerd back in Michigan!: Momma Needs a Beer & Clever Compass



  1. Thanks for the recognition!

    Never heard of climacophobia I'm thinking I may have this...or just generalized anxiety about falling.

  2. Congrats on the award.

    I also love calamari but my husband always eats the tentacles because they creep me out too!

  3. @Pyschgrad: I don't really worry much about falling any other times - it's really only when it comes to stairs. I've fallen both up & down stairs far too many times. I have to have a free hand to grip the banister & I cannot go too fast; otherwise, I get really anxious and overly concerned with concentrating on not falling. It's really annoying b/c I'm constantly moving up & down stairs at a quick pace, thanks to the subway.

    @Pam: I do the same with my boyfriend! He has no issues with the tentacles, so I always make him pick them out of the dish. They're sooo creepy!!

  4. Thanks for the shout out, Starr! I'm so honored! :-) And congrats on the blog award! I loved reading your fact list... one of my best friends has a tattoo of of a semi-colon on her shoulder. She got it back when we were poor English majors back in college. :-)

  5. Aww, thanks for the shout out. I am SO behind in my reading, sorry for the delayed comment. Loved reading this!

  6. @Renee: Oh, that is AWESOME! Punctuation tattoos are the best. :-)

    @Jacky: No worries - I'm in the same boat with commenting. I have at least a month's worth of posts saved in my reader that I need to visit & comment on!


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