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What's in your freezer?

I love checking out all of the stuff people pack into their kitchens. I'm fascinated by what you keep in your junk drawers, the dishes you stack in your cabinets, and the gadgets you shove into various nooks. I'm especially interested in seeing what you have in your refrigerators - not only is a good way to learn about different/new products, I also feel like it gives me a glimpse into your private behaviors and/or neuroses. Your refrigerator can reveal so much... not just about the foods you eat, but also your level of organization (I'm slightly anal), your tolerance for dirt/messes, and what you value (what foods do you keep in front? what do you try to hide?).

It's no wonder that I was excited to see that on a rainy day in NY a few weeks ago, Anita (Hungry Couple) picked up her camera and snapped some photos of the contents of her freezer for her blog readers. Now, let me just say that Anita has the most awesome freezer ever. Unlike mine, it's not stuffed with Lean Cuisines and ice packs - nooo, her freezer is complete with alcohol, ice cream, and martini glasses. She has exactly the type of freezer an adult should have... I want a freezer just like hers when I grow up. :-)

As Anita mentioned, these are not beauty shots - I didn't reorganize, purge, or stage anything before I took the pictures. Also, you may think that everything looks really cramped. Unfortunately, it is. All of our appliances are those compact, apartment-sized models (I think the refrigerator is 7.5 cu. ft) - it sucks and I hate it. I long for the day in which I have a full sized, double door refrigerator to fill (sigh).

The guts of my (so not awesome) freezer:
1) The ubiquitous pile of quick meals (Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, Amy's & evol burritos) for days in which I either don't have any leftovers to take for lunch or don't have time to put together something more exciting.

2) Various Trader Joe's finds:
Chili Lime Chicken Burgers (which I love - but I do have a copycat recipe that I love even more), crab cakes, and brown rice.

3) A stockpile of various seafood & meat (some of which you can't see): salmon filets, turkey burgers, tilapia, Cornish game hens, tuna steaks, and more salmon (sooo much salmon).

4) Edy's Slow Churned ice cream cups: I am an ice cream fiend, but I really try not to each much of it (both to preserve the size of my butt and to keep my stomach from going into a dairy meltdown). I love the little Edy's cups because they are a form of instant portion control for me - hand me a pint of Ben & Jerry's and I'll eat the whole thing in one day. Those little Edy's cups save me from inhaling an extra 900 calories of ice cream and keep my stomach from turning into an explosive bomb of dairy disgustingness.

The (slightly more awesome) freezer door: 
The door space is slightly more exciting than the guts only because that's where some of our fun vodka lives (the really expensive stuff hangs out on the liquor shelf on top of the cabinets). :-)

Raspberry vodka, a mini bottle of Absolut, and a variety of ice packs, both for my neck/back (for various post-workout & post-chiropractic adjustment muscle aches) and food transport.

Bonus! The guts of my refrigerator:
Other than the revolving daily containers of leftovers, the refrigerator almost always looks like this (I'm such a creature of habit!). Almond milk & skim milk, almond butter, Egg Beaters, a crapload of condiments/sauces/seasonings, hummus, yogurt, cheese, Cherry Coke Zero, beer (hiding behind the milk), bread (hiding behind the salads), a bowl filled with dark chocolate Granola Thins, and produce, produce, produce (with two more drawers at the bottom filled with apples, pears, carrots, and more bell peppers)... basically, lots of delicious, but not very exciting to look at, foods. :-)

Okay, now that you've seen what's in my freezer & refrigerator, it's your turn! Leave a comment with a link to your post or photos (bonus points if you include the fridge!). Please know that while I will definitely study & analyze your contents, I promise not to make any crazy judgments... and if your freezer is anything like Anita's, you may just find that I suddenly suggest we meet up for dinner at your place sometime soon. ;-)



  1. I love this! Your refrigerator is so organized--wow. I think you need to come over to my place and do some rearranging. I think I still have leftovers from January rotting away in mine. :)

  2. I love it!!! And thanks for the shout-out. I will note that back in my young(er) days when I was doing the Sex and the City single girl in New York bit, my freezer was completely empty and the only thing I had in my fridge was yogurt. Cocktails were things you ordered at a bar when there was a willing man to pay for them. :) With the arrival of Mr. Hungry Couple, came food and drinks at home and he, by the way, is the ice cream monster. :)

  3. I shudder at the thought of people seeing how many junk drawers I have. But my freezer... hmmm. Will have to think about posting a picture for you. :)

  4. @kim: Do it! Do it! I want to freezer stalk you! :-)

  5. Love this sneak peek into your refrigerator and freezer. I'd never really thought about how they can provide insights into a person before, but I think you're right.


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