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Travel Eats: Mike's Donuts & Chicken in Kenosha, WI

As I've mentioned here before, I have a soft spot for Wisconsin. I spent my undergraduate years there and have fond memories of the land of amazing dairy products (yes, I know there's so much more to the state than its delicious cheese, but really, cheese always takes precedence!). Back when I lived up there, Chicago was one of my favorite spots for spontaneous road trips and now that I live in Chicago, the Milwaukee-area has taken that place of honor.

It was during one of those random road trips a few years ago that I first stumbled upon the quirky and fun Mike's Donuts & Chicken in downtown Kenosha. Open since 2014, Mike's quickly established itself as the spot to go to worship at the altar of the almighty combo of donuts, chicken, craft beer, and whiskey. Along with the daily rotating donut offerings, donut and chicken specialties, 80 different craft beers on tap, Mike also boasts a wide variety of Jameson offerings, including Jameson on top, cocktails made with Jamesons, and my personal favorite, the Wall of Jameson. Made up of reserved bottles, each buyer signs the Book of Jameson and designates the list of people who have the authority to drink from that bottle.

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