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Tuesday LTP: Halloween Candy

As I mentioned earlier this month, I love Halloween: the decor is completely awesome (glittery skulls and pumpkins everywhere!), scary movies are in abundance (although I am opposed to the ones featuring creepy/freaky kids), It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is played on repeat, and all of the nerdy kids (myself included) have the perfect excuse to tap into their creative sides and whip together the coolest costumes. Really, Halloween is all about having fun no matter what your age... and who doesn't love fun wrapped in a layer of candy?!

While I still maintain that Easter has the best candy selection, I must admit that I'm always happy to see the return of all things candy corn during the Halloween season. I know many people think it's totally disgusting, but I am all about those pointy, sugary little nuggets, especially the caramel and chocolate versions. Possibly even better than straight up candy corn is White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms. Oh yes. These babies are crunchy little pieces of honey-coated heaven. The insides are buttery smooth (almost frosting-like) and extremely sweet - just like candy corn (but better!). And yes, they are totally addictive!

On the other end of the spectrum is the nasty candy that leaves every treat-or-treater (or officemate) cursing your name and wondering if they can get away with egging your house. Candy on this list includes anything involving raisins (raisin boxes are the absolute worst & Raisinets aren't far behind); anything involving licorice (boxes of Good & Plenty, licorice ropes); Necco Wafers (flavorless discs of chalk); and Mary Janes (sticky chunks of cardboard coated in fake peanut butter). Yuck.

Today's Lunchtime Poll: What is your favorite Halloween candy? Is there any Halloween candy that you really hate? Does anyone out there actually like Mary Janes?!



  1. Aside from candy corn, which I think is okay but not necessarily worth the calories, I don't think of Halloween candy as being terribly distinctive. But I love pumpkin everything, which seems to go along with the season. My latest discovery is if you make the custard part of a pumpkin pie but leave out the eggs and put in less sugar, it is a really easy, cheap, delicious fall smoothie. Kind of like a Halloween answer to eggnog, and not completely terrible for you.

  2. I actually had to Google Mary Janes and.... ew! That's the kind of candy that stays at the bottom of the bag, for good.
    My favorites are Skittles and Rolos, but I have found that my erstwhile ├╝ber-sweet tooth has gotten fancy in recent times and I really dislike most of the chocolate given away during Halloween.

  3. Candy corns for sure

  4. I gotta admit. I kinda love cheap-o the black- and orange-wrapped peanut butter chews. You know, the ones that will pull your fillings out? Yeah, those.

  5. Those new M&M's are DA BOMB! Lol! Obviously, I love me some candy corn. I also love the little squishy pumpkin marshmallows.

    I'm morally opposed to licorice, so that would be the worst for me.

  6. I the maple-flavored mellocreme pieces in the Autumn Mix. The candy corn and mellocreme pumpkins are okay, but those nasty banana-flavored things have got to go.

    I do love the Halloween peeps, and miniature Milky Way Midnights are pretty tasty, too.

  7. Is that a big bag of candy corn M&Ms? Must get some!

  8. Ok, so my gram ALWAYS has Mary Janes on hand and I always end up eating them when I see here. I like them. I don't like that she keeps her candy in the fridge--everything needs to unthaw before my teeth can handle it.

    There's no Halloween specific candy that I can think of that I like. Never liked candy corn. This is the first year I haven't bought Halloween candy, but I have been buying giant Mr. Goodbars. Yum. (just for me, not trick-or-treaters. We found hot cocoa packets goes over really well with trick-or-treaters.)

  9. @Sidebandit: I totally agree. There are very few candies that I associate with Halloween - really mostly just candy corn (which you really don't see outside of this time of the year) and a few random crappy candies (Mary Janes, peanut butter chews, etc). I'm definitely with you on the pumpkin love - your smoothie sounds delicious!

    @Carla: How can you hate candy corn?! Boo!

    @Barb: Oh yes, it is. EVIL!!!

  10. Chocolate and peanut butter. Tasty combination. Add hunny if it's for a Bear.


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