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Recipe: Watermelon, Mint & Feta Salad

As you've probably noticed, I haven't been posting much lately, despite my ambitious summer plan to work through all of my half-written drafts and actually finish them. Let's just say that the combination of the two online classes I'm teaching & the two online classes I'm taking, along with the lure of the fantastic weather (I am all about the awesome street festivals and walks by the lake), has left me *so* ready to unplug by midday. Oh, and let's not forget my rockin' gym schedule (I've made it 35 times since the end of the semester!), visits to new restaurants (more about this soon), and various birthday celebrations (my favorite six-year-old turned seven - where did the last year go?!). It has been quite a crazy-busy, but totally awesome summer so far!

While the temperature is still fairly mild, I've still started moving into my summer no-cook mode. I've mostly been craving salads and sandwiches (the Avocado, Apple & Brie Sandwich has made multiple appearances), as well as a ton of fruit. Above all, I am seriously digging all things watermelon this year. I picked up a lovely watermelon and feta salad at The Goddess and Grocer not too long ago and was inspired to make my own version (one that doesn't involve me picking out all of the onions!). The Watermelon, Mint & Feta Salad is a simple dish that highlights one of the best flavors of the season. This salad is light & refreshing and has a delicious sweet/salty/minty flavor combination. It has officially become my new favorite summer dish!



Chicago Eats: New Spring Items at Corner Bakery

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a spring menu tasting event at Corner Bakery. Unfortunately, due to a prior obligation, I couldn't make the event, but the people at Corner Bakery were nice enough to offer to send over some gift certificates so that I could check out some of their new fruit and veggie-inspired offerings. Seeing as I love Corner Bakery (it's definitely one of my top picks from the fast-casual market), I jumped at the chance.

I have to admit that I order the exact same items every single time I visit Corner Bakery: the Uptown Turkey sandwich or the Tomato Mozzarella sandwich. If I'm feeling really daring, I'll mix it up and switch to the Harvest Salad during the summer or the Roasted Tomato Basil soup during the winter. Despite the fact that Corner Bakery has all sorts of awesome selections, I am very much a creature of habit and will rarely move out of my comfort zone. Of course, that means that I can easily miss out on awesome new dishes, which is why an opportunity to sample their new offerings was exactly what I needed.

Spring Asparagus Soup: asparagus simmered in a light vegetable broth with a touch of cream. Both Mario and I loved this soup! Honestly, I would not have ordered on my own - I'm so glad I had the push to try it because it is one kick-ass soup. Seriously, if you're an asparagus lover, you need to run to Corner Bakery *right now* and order yourself a gallon of creamy asparagus deliciousness!
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