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Chicago Eats: Public House Brunch

Hellooooo, Monday... I am so glad to see you! I know, I know. It's the exact opposite of how I usually feel about Mondays, but this Monday is special. This Monday officially signals the start of SPRING BREAK! Woo-hoo! For those of you who don't work in academia, let me assure you that professors get just as excited about spring break as the students do (except rather than sunning ourselves on some sparkly beach, we usually end up using the week to catch up on mounds of grading). Along with tackling my imposing grading pile, I'm also spending a few days with some awesome students who decided to participate in our school's alternative spring break trip, meeting up with a few friends for some much needed girl time, and catching up on a few of my recent foodie adventures (finally!).

As has been well-documented on this blog, I am slightly obsessed with brunch. Okay, really, I'm more than slightly obsessed... I live for a good weekend brunch! Not only is it the perfect weekend indulgence (and a nice break from my normal on the go protein shake breakfast), but also I love the laid back pace of the meal. Plus, there's the day drinking - really, who *doesn't* love a meal in which day drinking is not only acceptable but also highly encouraged?!

Public House invited a group of Chicago Food Bloggers to stop by and check out their recently revamped sweet & savory brunch menu. Of course, as a bona fide bunch fiend, I jumped at the opportunity to sample some of their goods. To be quite honest, Public House was not previously on my brunch radar - I had been to the popular gastropub before for burgers, beer and cheese curds, but somehow didn't realize that they also serve my favorite meal of the day. I can officially say that I am now a believer. Public House has everything every brunch lover would want - a relaxed atmosphere, a variety of both traditional and creative dishes, and of course, plenty of liquor. ;-)

 Breakfast Sandwich: toasted sourdough boule with scrambled eggs, pork sausage, American cheese, arugula, tomato, and shaved red onion. This was some of the best sausage I've had in a long time (fresh, flavorful & the perfect amount of heat); I was also impressed to learn that all of their meats are made in-house.
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