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Chicago Eats: Steak 48

Chicago has been known as a meat-and-potatoes kind of town since the days in which the stockyards made it the largest producer of meat. While the culinary scene definitely has evolved since those days, the city still loves (LOVES) its steak. By the last count, Chicago is home to over 50 steakhouses, at least half of which are in the downtown area (and several of which are considered amongst the best steakhouses in the country!). Really, steakhouses are a dime a dozen here, so as you can imagine, it's hard for newcomers to stand out amongst the crowd. However. Steak 48 manages to do just so.

Open since 2017, Steak 48 is part of the new breed of steakhouses in the city - it's glitzy, stylish, and packed with sparkly, glittery bits everywhere you turn. It has a modern feel that breaks away from the old boys' club stuffy steakhouse vibe and appeals to a younger crowd that cares as much about the aesthetic as the food. However, this isn't one of those restaurants that are all show; the food is as equally beautiful and fantastic as the gorgeous space. Started in Phoenix by the brothers behind Mastro's Steakhouse, the family's third location is a gigantic space with a massive menu to match. Usually, such a large menu would raise a red flag, but Steak 48 has all of their dishes down pat (and having sampled a good third of the menu, I can confidently say you really cannot go wrong with any of their offerings!).
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