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Baconfest 2014

Raise the bacon flag!

Baconfest: an ode to all things bacon. If it's wrapped in bacon, infused with bacon, smothered in bacon, or fried in bacon fat, it's most likely to be found at Baconfest. The event organizers describe it as "the greatest single culinary and cultural festival ever dedicated to Bacon and Bacon only." Basically, it's a veritable frenzy of salty, fatty porktastic pleasure. ;-)

For the sixth year in a row (my third!), thousands of pork lovin' peeps came out to enjoy one of the largest (and most awesome!) food festivals of the year. In our two hours of extreme bacon consumption, Diana and I encountered everything from black pepper bacon mac and cheese (Bub City) to candied bacon root beer floats (Mrs. Murphy & Sons). We inhaled bacon-inspired creations from some of our favorite restaurants (Mexique) and added some new favorites to our list (Firecakes). We even discovered a fantastic (and very potent) new chocolate bacon cocktail to wash it all down.

Of the fifty-something restaurants that participated in the afternoon session, we sampled bacon goodies from approximately twenty of them. We had big plans to hit up even more, but once the meat sweats set in, we decided it was time to put an end to the magic. As always, we had a fantastic time and we're already anticipating next year's meaty madness (of course, we need that year in between festivals in order to allow for time for our stomachs to completely settle and our cholesterol levels to return to normal). All hail bacon!

A few highlights from our two hours of porkinsanity...

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