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About Me

My name is Starr Nordgren (yes, that really is my given name, and no, my parents weren't hippies) and I'm a 30-something writing professor by day and not-so-secret foodie by night. Along with being a professional grader of essays (or "dream killer," as my boyfriend has affectionately nicknamed me) and an unofficial taster of all donuts, I'm also a bibliophile, an Anglophile, and an enthusiastic supporter of cocktail hour.

I am originally from Michigan, did a brief stint in Wisconsin (aka the land of the delicious cheese curd) for undergraduate school, and have been settled in Chicago with my boyfriend, Mario, for the last 17 years. Chicago is one of those well-known food cities, so for someone who loves to explore and eat, it's a fantastic place to reside. While I'm constantly adding new restaurants to the list of my top picks, you can check out some of my current Chicago favorites here.

I'm not a chef or a professional food critic; nor do I work in the food industry (although I did once work for a culinary school!), but I am passionate about food culture. I spend an inordinate amount of my free time trying new restaurants, attending culinary festivals, stalking food trucks, trading tips and cooking with my foodie friends snapping photos of beautiful plates, sniffing herbs at farmer's markets, binging on my favorite cooking shows, and experimenting with new recipes. The bottom line is that I love food and I love to share my experiences. 

So, let's eat, drink, be merry... and blog about it! :-)

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