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Recipe: Spanish Spaghetti with Have an Olive Day

While I tend to be a fairly adventurous and diverse eater when I go out, I'm actually quite predictable when I'm at home in my own kitchen. It's not that I don't enjoy playing with various flavor profiles; it's more that I'm on autopilot on most nights. After realizing late last year that I was growing bored with the dishes in my repertoire, I set a goal for myself in 2018 to expand my list of everyday dishes. Fortuitously, just after I set my goal, the fine folks with the Have an Olive Day campaign reached out to see if I would be interested in trying my hand at creating a Spanish-inspired recipe with their olives from Spain. That was definitely just the push I needed!

When I was much younger, I thought the only type of olives that existed were the chopped black ones that came on our pizza (that was the only time I ever had them!), but as an adult, I've cultivated a taste for the many different types of olives. I'm especially a fan of the tender Manzanilla (green olives) and the tart Queen (big green olives), thanks to their versatility, as well as the meaty Gordal and the spicy Verdial, thanks to their robust flavors. As much as I'm pro-olive, I have to admit I didn't know much about the growing, pressing, and curing processes until I visited my first olive grove last year (such a cool experience!). Thanks to the Have an Olive Day campaign, I've learned even more - did you know that olives meet the four basic tastes (bitter, sweet, salty and acid)? This is what makes them not only the perfect healthy snack but also the ideal product to combine with practically any type of ingredient.
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