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Mother's Day with Fannie May Colonial Assortment

When I was a little kid, Mother's Day was not only a celebration of my mother and grandmother (and the only day of the year in which my father and grandfather voluntarily did the dishes!), it was also known in my world as "fancy chocolate day." It was the day in which I marched into my local Fannie May, selected my favorite box of mixed chocolates, and proudly presented what I dubbed "fancy chocolates" to my mom in a flurry of excitement. Although she knew it was coming, she always pretended to be surprised; even better, she always let me pick out my favorites from her box. To me, it was a big deal because we only had fancy chocolates on holidays (although I realized later in life that we had them in the house far more often than I thought - they were just hidden from little kid eyes!).

While my own mom is no longer here, I continue to celebrate all of the incredible women/mother figures in my life with fancy chocolates - because really, who doesn't love to receive a beautiful box of delicious chocolates?! One of my favorites boxes to gift is still the same one I proudly purchased every year for my mom: the Colonial Assortment, the best-selling collection of the signature tastes of Chicago-based confectioner (and Midwestern favorite!) Fannie May.
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