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Chicago Food Social

As I've mentioned numerous times since the inception of this blog, I love a good food truck. In fact, I have been known to plan an entire outing around a Twitter food truck stalking session. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that the trend is a fairly recent phenomenon in Chicago (thanks to some strict legislation that for years made it difficult for them to operate in the city); however, there's also the fact that there is some damn good food coming out of many of those trucks! I love the whole concept of a mini restaurant on wheels - ever since I visited my first bona fide food truck in Austin back in 2010 (Hey Cupcake!), I have been obsessed with tracking down various trucks and sampling all of their awesome offerings.

The third annual Chicago Food Social took place the weekend before last and of course, Diana (aka my food truck stalking buddy) and I were all over it! I have to admit that I was slightly apprehensive about the redesign of the festival (previously known as the Food Truck Social), as there was not only a change of location but also the addition of non-food truck restaurant booths; however, the moment we stepped foot onto the festival's grounds, all of my worries were squashed. To put it simply: it was *amazing*! There were rows and rows of food trucks (twice as many as last year!), many of which were new to us and/or impossible to track down. Seriously, it was food truck heaven!

The only downfall was that because there were so many fantastic food trucks, we ended up eating way too much (even though we did share each item & we spread it out over five hours). While we did managed to narrow down our choices to a list of absolute must-visits (that was hard for me because now that I work in the 'burbs, I miss out on most weekday food truck opportunities), we still ended up skipping quite a few because we were soooo stuffed. We've already made a plan for next year that involves visiting in shifts in order to allow for maximum digestion/calorie burn time in between the lunch and dinner sessions. :-)
The Tamale Spaceship: This was at the top of my must-visit list, as I was starting to feel like I was the last foodie in the city to never sample their delicious tamales. The Spaceship was the first stop of the day and ultimately, one of my top picks from the entire festival.



Recent Foodie Finds

*Tap, tap, tap* Is this thing on? Ahem. I'm finally poking my head out after whirlwind end to summer break and a whirlwind start to the fall semester.

Despite the whirlwinded-ness (yes, I totally just made up that word) of it all, I still can't believe five weeks have flown by since I last posted... especially considering I've written at least 20 posts in my head during that time! I did intentionally take a small step back from the 'net after a summer glued to the computer, but that small break turning into a longer break, and now, I feel like I have to make some grandiose re-entrance. Um, so, I'm back! Woo-hoo! :-)

Here's a bit of what I've been up to during the last month or so...
Hair chopping!

I've had short hair before, but it had been about 11 years since the last time I made the big chop. I went through about 10 seconds of shock when I rubbed the back of my head for the first time, but then I immediately fell in love with the awesomeness (yes, I realize how narcissistic that sounds, but it's true!). ;-)
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