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Recent Foodie Finds

*Tap, tap, tap* Is this thing on? Ahem. I'm finally poking my head out after whirlwind end to summer break and a whirlwind start to the fall semester.

Despite the whirlwinded-ness (yes, I totally just made up that word) of it all, I still can't believe five weeks have flown by since I last posted... especially considering I've written at least 20 posts in my head during that time! I did intentionally take a small step back from the 'net after a summer glued to the computer, but that small break turning into a longer break, and now, I feel like I have to make some grandiose re-entrance. Um, so, I'm back! Woo-hoo! :-)

Here's a bit of what I've been up to during the last month or so...
Hair chopping!

I've had short hair before, but it had been about 11 years since the last time I made the big chop. I went through about 10 seconds of shock when I rubbed the back of my head for the first time, but then I immediately fell in love with the awesomeness (yes, I realize how narcissistic that sounds, but it's true!). ;-)

I'm two sessions in, with 1-2 more sessions to go. Love, love, love the results so far! 

Gettin' my nerd on at Comic Con

Shopping for some kick-ass new specs...

 and some lovely new spices (from my favorite spice store)! 

Of course, I've also spent some quality time hanging out with some of my favorite people and indulging in some incredible food...
Crazy Cake Concrete at Lickity Split: Frozen custard blended with a salted caramel cupcake. As Diana said, it's like a big piece of delicious birthday cake mashed together with ice cream. :-)

Swiss Cheese Fondue at Fondue Stube

Sprecher Cherry Cola (the last time I had one was when I was in Madison last summer!) and Brunkow Cheese Garlic & Dill Cheese Curds (best curds ever!) from the Andersonville Farmers Market

Yesiga Alicha, Doro Watt, Yebeg Watt, Yemisir Watt, and Quosta at Ethiopian Diamond (my favorite Ethiopian restaurant in the city!)

 Crunchy French Toast (cornflake crust) at Gaudi Cafe (one of Diana's favorite go-to restaurants). I may never be satisfied with regular French toast again!

Basil Chow Fun at Wok'n Fire

Fois Gras with Cider Gelee & Red Streak Cider at the Paris Club with Virtue Cider (more about this amazing event soon!).

I also made some fantastic dishes of my own, including a slow cooker Thai chicken and a strawberry, avocado & kale salad (it was so good I had it for lunch for a week straight!); finished my summer classes/planned my fall classes/started the new semester; had a few awesome girlie days with various friends (massages, facials & other fun stuff); packed up a friend & watched her head off to Michigan (boo!); spent a day wandering through Renegade (where I randomly ran into another blogger); spent Labor Day laboring (i.e. grading); and redesigned my Twitter page. Whew. That was one busy/fun/exhausting/awesome/crazy month!

Actually, busy/fun/exhausting/awesome/crazy is a great way to describe most of the end of September and the entire month of October. I love everything about this time of year and always pack my calendar to the brim (must experience all things fall!). This year is no exception. I'm kicking off my favorite season with one of my favorite food festivals (the Chicago Food Social, formerly known as the Food Truck Social), followed up by what I'm sure will become another one of my favorites (Chicago Gourmet). After that, it's all apple cider, pumpkins, leaves, and bonfires all the time! Yay! :-)


  1. Your hair looks FAB!!

    I like the "busy/fun/exhausting/awesome/crazy" description. That's exactly what the start of the school year is like for me, too. Also? That concrete is making me drool. :)

  2. Yay, you're back! I love the haircut and the new tat and the glasses and all of the food!

  3. @weary prof & @Kendra: Thanks so much, ladies! I'm so glad I finally made the big chop - it was long overdue.

    @kim: LOL! That's the dirtiest non-dirty compliment I've heard in quite awhile! :-)

  4. nice hairdo nice food... have a nice day.


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