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Travel Guide: The Edgewater in Madison, WI

I spent most of my free time during my senior year of college (oh so many years ago) exploring everything that Madison, WI had to offer. I went to a small school about an hour outside of the city and while I got a fantastic education and really loved so many things about the environment, it wasn't exactly the epicenter of culture. Comparatively, Madison had a funky vibe and the diversity I craved - I loved it so much that I thought I might even move there post-college. While I ultimately ended up in Chicago, as it was a better fit personally and professionally, Madison is still one of those places that hold a special place in my heart.

All these years later, I still try to visit Madison at least once a year: fall trips involve hours spent outdoors leisurely perusing every stand at the most amazing farmers market, summer and spring visits focus on exploring all of the newest restaurants and shops, and winter weekend visits are spent decompressing at boutique hotels complete with plenty of roaring fireplaces, stunning lake views, and decadent comfort food options. Recently, at the end of a particularly stressful stretch at work for both of us, Mario and I packed our warmest sweaters and headed up to Madison for one of those long winter weekends that involve no plans other than relaxing; as we discovered during this trip, hands down, The Edgewater is absolutely the best place in the city to do just so. After spending years hotel-hopping, I am 100% a convert to this fantastic spot and honestly cannot see myself choosing to stay anywhere else again!
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