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Recent Foodie Finds

Happy (almost) May! I know I say it just about every month, but wow, April really flew by... it feels like just last week that I was gearing up for a month filled with birthday celebrations, Baconfest, and Mario's guitar class recital. Whew. It was one crazy/fun month!

May is already shaping up to be just as fun with a few more birthday celebrations, a trip to Starved Rock for a weekend of hiking, and visits to a couple of my favorite restaurants. I also have a few exciting changes/additions planned for this space, which I hope to roll out soon (well, as soon as I finish grading the giant stack of freshman comp papers that are currently staring me down). :-)

A few (non-bacon) food highlights from April...

Flourless chocolate cake from Rose's Wheat Free Bakery. I'm usually not a fan of vegan desserts, as they tend to have a weird taste and/or dry texture. The cakes & cupcakes from Rose's are definitely the exceptions. This cake was moist and had such amazing flavor (so much chocolate!). If I hadn't known better, I never would have guessed that it was vegan!

Sushi Samba: Can I just say how glad I am that Mario chose Sushi Samba for his birthday dinner? I looove that place! They didn't have my favorite dish from last time (I think it was just a Restaurant Week special), but this special Salmon Roll more than made up for it. Salmon, tempura, cilantro, and wasabi-avocado crema... wow. Amazing. I can easily say that it was the best roll I've had in years... maybe even ever. It was that good.

Warm Chocolate Banana Cake at Sushi Samba: Chocolate banana cake with maple butter, a plantain chip, and vanilla rum ice cream (my favorite flavor combination!). OMG. I don't think I spoke a single word the entire time I was inhaling savoring this marvelous creation. Not only was this the standout of the meal for me (which is really saying something considering there was some spectacular sushi), it was also one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted.

Café com Leite Parfait at Sushi Samba: The birthday boy's dessert! :-) Milk chocolate-Hibiki mousse, coffee ice cream, and milk foam. This was *almost* as delicious as my banana cake, but really, nothing can beat that banana/chocolate/maple combination for me.

SweeTart drink at Lady Gregory's: I don't remember exactly what this was called (it was one of the specials of the night) - the waitress referred to it at the "amazing SweeTart drink," so I'm just going to go with that. :-) It tasted exactly like she described it - a giant alcoholic SweeTart. Southern Comfort, sour mix, and some fruity something or other... so, so awesome.

Assorted desserts: These were from the many dessert trays available at the fundraiser event I mentioned above (which took place here). Everything was so cute; luckily, it all tasted as good as it looked! I especially loved the cake bite (upper row, middle) - it was filled with boysenberries, which was an unexpected & pleasant surprise. I also really loved the mini apple pie (upper right-hand corner) - the buttery crust was bursting with fresh apple chunks (plus, there's the whole "everything is cuter in miniature" factor!).

ETA: Sushi Samba and Rose's Wheat Free Bakery have closed. 



  1. You two make the CUTEST couple! Ick! ;)

    The banana cake sounds amazing and those tiny dessert look amazing. Oh why am I stuck in a little town with no interesting food options??

  2. guys are so cute.

    The Café com Leite Parfait looks simply delightful.

  3. Thanks, ladies! :-) We had a great night - it was nice to get dressed up & go out for something other than a wedding.

    @Seeking Solace: that parfait was awesome! Everything at Sushi Samba is amazing - I just wish things weren't so expensive!


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