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Tuesday LTP: Bacon Love

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When it comes to the candy of the meat world, there's a continuum that ranges from "Sure, I like bacon" to "I want to dive into a vat of sizzling swine and flop around in its salty goodness" (see Jim Gaffagin, The Oatmeal, and Canada). I fall somewhere in the middle of that range - I obviously like bacon enough to attend an event such as Baconfest, but really, I can go months without it (honestly, I'm a bit bacon-ed out at the moment... well, unless you have some of those awesome bacon pancake pops you want to pass along to me). While I'm not someone who would use bacon toothpaste or who would be buried in a bacon coffin, I am someone who finds the idea of bacon chocolate Peeps to be quite intriguing (oooh, and look at these maple bacon cupcakes!).

Today's Lunchtime Poll*:
Where do you fall on the bacon continuum?

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*Obviously, this poll is not meant for those who don't eat pork for religious reasons, hate pork, or who are vegetarian, vegan, etc. (although I've had conversations with many vegetarians & vegans who said that bacon was the hardest thing to stop eating and/or the one meat that tempts them) 

Bonus question: how do you like your bacon? Crispy? Chewy? Incinerated? Chopped up into bits, smothered in maple syrup, and stuffed into a cupcake?



  1. The crispier, the better! Yes, please!

  2. I don't like my bacon too crispy. I really don't like any of the meat I choose to eat well done. When I do splurge, I get the locally "grown" thick-cut bacon, and I bake it in the oven with fresh ground black pepper & brown sugar... then eat it with a fork. Mmmm, bacon.

    PS Thanks for linking to the Jim Gaffigan video. Love him!!

  3. @Kelli: Oooh, yes! Baked bacon is THE BEST! Well, as long as we're not counting bacon pancake pops or bacon cupcakes. :-) You're right about the spurge part, too - if I have bacon at home, it's always local turkey bacon. As good as the thick-cut, premium bacon is, I just can't justify the calories!


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