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Tuesday LTP: Overrated Foods

I've lived in Chicago for almost thirteen years and while I'm enamored with the idea of moving to San Francisco, I have to say that I do love Chicago to bits. It really is a fantastic city - it offers a nice balance of city life and Midwestern charm (two four seasons & polite, down-to-earth people). I am a Michigan transport, but I do consider Chicago to be my true home.

While Chicago is a great place to live, it's certainly not without its flaws. Excluding things like the messy politics, economic & racial stratification issues, and ridiculous parking meter situation, the biggest offense this city has to offer is its deep dish pizza. I have a confession to make: I am one of those Chicago people who doesn't care for Chicago-style pizza. Yes, I said it. I think Chicago stuffed pizza is completely overrated.

The majority of Chicagoans have an abiding love of this damn pizza that I just don't understand. I can't tell you how many times I've been on the receiving end of the crazy-crooked-eye-confused face when I've mentioned that I don't really care for it - it's like I've said that I eat puppies for dessert or something. Now, I'm not saying that I hate Chicago-style pizza; I just don't see what all the rage is about. It's essentially a giant cheese casserole in a buttery bowl smothered in grease and a tub of tomato sauce. Sure, it smells lovely and the first few bites are always delicious, but less than halfway into a piece, you're stuffed and bloated. Oh, and let's not forget the subsequent food coma and ugly GI issues. Ugh. That is not my idea of a happy pizza experience.

After a few years of not eating it, I broke down had a piece last October... I'm not entirely sure I'm finished digesting it. :-P

Today's LTP: Are there any foods that you think are completely overrated?  Also, who's with me on the Chicago-style pizza? I know I'm not the only one out there with good taste in pizza! :-)



  1. Dare I admit ... I miss that pizza! But I wouldn't eat it often or more than a slice at a time.

  2. I do love a good thick-crusted pizza, as long as it's still on the light-and-flaky-but-still-buttery end of things... the classic Chicago-style is a little too much for me as well.

    Here in GR, I think the most over-rated restaurant is the Beltline Bar. They always earn the "Best Mexican restaurant" rating on whatever local-list is hot at the moment. After living in AZ, I know first hand that it is *not* authentic. But, whenever I bring up the topic of the famed restaurant, I get bombarded with shocked & confused looks & comments. I always retaliate with something like: "If that's your idea of "authentic" you need to visit an actual authentic restaurant, in the southwest."

  3. @Vanessa: I can understand craving it if you don't live here, or if you're a tourist, but there are so many people who eat it all of the time! They also think it's the best pizza ever - no, no, no!

  4. I've actually always wanted to try deep dish pizza...at least once :) It does look heavy but tasty. I'm a New Yorker and I do like NY style but I don't love the super thin crust.

  5. @Kelli: I hate that!! How can it be the "best of..." when it's not even authentic cuisine? There needs to be a rating system designed for faux [insert cuisine] restaurants. "Best of the non-authentic Mexican restaurants!" "Best Americanized Chinese restaurant!"

    @Anita: I wouldn't say that it's not worth trying... it's just soooo overrated! If I have one piece every 5 or so years for the rest of my life, I'd be good.

  6. I agree, Starr--deep dish is overrated. Give me a thin crust Lou Malnati's or Armand's pizza any day! And I also have to say (dare I utter this?) that while a Chicago-style hotdog is a work of art, I think people that put ketchup on their hotdogs are not horrible people (even though I do not like ketchup myself).


  7. I love Chicago-style pizza! (Detroit-style is even better!) But I really don't like New York style pizza, which after 8 years living in NYC, I grew to define as "thin soggy pizza with too much cheese and not enough sauce left under a heat lamp for awhile."

  8. I prefer pan pizza, which is a great median between the flat and the deep dish. However, I do understand that pizza is best enjoyed preparing it yourself at home-don't like a lot of cheese, cut it back. Don't like tomato sauce-try pesto...etc. No state or city can beat your own personal preference in a homemade pizza, sorry NY & Chicago!

  9. I prefer a flat crust to a deep dish, I have to admit (a simple,rustic margherita pizza to be exact). It's not a NY vs. Chicago thing with me - I've had some lousy AND great pizza everywhere!

  10. Chicago Style is gross...but I haven't met to many people living in NYS that would eat it anyway.

  11. I am with you...I like cracker thin crusted pizza which shows off the topping ingredients!

  12. @Erika: Ha! I love your ketchup sentiments - I am a firm believer in the power of ketchup. While I don't eat hot dogs, I do smother my eggs in ketchup. :-)

    @Danielle: I didn't care for the pizza we had in NY either. It was really soggy!

    @Tina: Definitely! I don't understand people who are so stuck on liking a certain type of pizza just b/c it's related to their city. I don't care where it came from - it just has to taste good!

    @Allen: Yes! Me, too!

    @Sarah: I'd never encountered it until I moved here. I don't this it's necessary something Chicago should be proud to claim. :-P

    @Amy: Totally! I'm all about the toppings - it's impossible to taste them when they're buried in a thick layer of cheese, crust, and sauce.


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