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Tuesday LTP: Summer Cocktails

I'm definitely not the biggest fan of summer (I'm more of a cooler weather girl), but even I have to admit that there are a few fantastic things about summer that the other seasons just cannot touch. There are so many awesome festivals (two more weeks until Midsommarfest! Woo-hoo!) and outdoor concerts. There are BBQs, picnics, and bonfires happening just about every weekend (everything just tastes so much better when it's grilled outside!). There's also really nothing like walking along the shoreline of Lake Michigan and experiencing the gorgeous summer sunrises & sunsets. Of course, we can't forget the most important and delicious part of the season... the amazing summer cocktails! :-)

Yes, you can drink these cocktails during any time of the year, but there's just something about the summer weather that makes them taste 10x better (bonus points if they're consumed outside!). My favorite summer cocktails are all refreshing and full of flavor. While I tend to favor those on the fruity end (margaritas, daiquiris, fruity vodka lemonades, Riesling strawberry slushies), I also love my minty drinks. My absolute favorite is the watermelon mint mojito, which strikes the perfect balance between the two sides (it's soooo good!). Really, I love just about any cocktail that involves watermelon - it's no wonder that I went crazy for the watermelon sangria a friend served at his BBQ yesterday (recipe forthcoming!).

Today's LTP: What is your favorite summer drink? Are you strictly a beer drinker or are you all about the summer cocktails? Do you have a preference for fruity or minty drinks?



  1. I never would have tried it if it weren't for my dad, but I've been enjoying Sam Adams Summer beer. I enjoy fruit drnks during the summer, but we really enjoy semi-sweet wines, chilled, as a refreshing drink.

  2. Vodka lemonade with basil. Yum, yum! Though my go to is Bell's Oberon, just creams summer.

  3. I'm with you on the watermelon cocktails! I had a watermelon margarita for the first time over the weekend and I fell in love. I have been a fruity cocktail drinker ever since I lived in England in the mid-90s and developed a taste for Pimm's & blackberry.

  4. @Sarah W: I am not a beer drinker at all. The only thing I like that is even remotely beer-ish is raspberry framboise (technically, it's a beer, but it doesn't taste like it at all). I know quite a few people who love that Sam Adams Summer beer!

    @Jacky: Vodka lemonade with basil: yes, yes, yes!!!

    @weary prof: Pimm's with blackberry? Oooh, I've never tried that! I've only had it with ginger ale & cucumber.

  5. I could not agree more. Summer = cocktails... and beer, for this chic anyhow! I had a baby in November & a baby in March... I missed my summer cocktails so much more when I was pregnant the ENTIRE summer. It's just easier to find comfort in a pumpkin latte or a good chai as a pregnant lady. Sure, a virgin mojito is okay... but it's not the same without vodka! So far this season, I've been loving on the various Shandies (or is it Shandys?) from the local breweries around Grand Rapids. There's a grapefruit shandy I recently discovered that I'm obsessed with! But that vodka lemonade w/basil sounds incredible. I also love a good sangria.

    Great post, Starr!

  6. I just came from Italy and had Bellini at the piazza.
    It's a soft and refreshing summer cocktail just Prosecco and peach puree. A good alternative to a Mimosa.

  7. I am definitely a summer girl. Can't stand being cold and I hate when the days are short. Brian sometimes drinks a cold beer but mostly we're frozen cocktail people in summer. Peach is our reining favorite!

  8. @Kelli: No summer cocktails for 2 years? That's really sad!! You know that I don't like beer, but that grapefruit shandy sounds delicious... definitely one that would make me try beer again!

    @Lola: Oooh, I haven't had a Bellini in so long! Most restaurants here don't have them on their brunch menus - they're all about Mimosas. While I don't hate Mimosas, I'm not really a huge fan of them - the OJ is usually far too acidic, which ruins the drink for me.

    @Anita: Another peach suggestion... hmmm. I think I'm seriously missing out on something! I'm more apt to go for raspberry or strawberry drinks & tend to forget about the peach options.


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