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Travel Guide: Bristol Renaissance Faire

As I'm sure you've all figured out by now, I am a total nerd... I have a serious love for the written word, I constantly quote Heathers, and I'm a sucker for a good Ren Faire. While I typically don't go in costume, it's only because my hatred of spending a long day soaked in sweat (as it's always hot as hell whenever I go to the Faire) outweighs my desire to walk around in a corset and heavy dress. However, I do usually don some random plumage and I always bring plenty of cleavage. :-)

I joined Barb and her family for our first trek of the summer up to the Faire two weeks ago and it was as awesome as always. One of the cool things about the Bristol Ren Faire, in particular, is that although it's only open for about two months during the summer, the buildings are all permanent and many of the amazingly talented artists live above their shops. You can tell that owners put an incredible amount of time and effort into both their shops and the merchandise. There are so many intricately detailed handmade items for sale, ranging from titanium chainmail bras to mini marshmallow catapults (so much fun!) - I've amassed quite a stunning jewelry collection over the years.

Of course, the Ren Faire isn't just about costumes and shopping - there's also the fairies, the shows, and (arguably the most important part) the food!

Keira & her lovely fairy face painting :-)

Knighted by the Queen

This sums the Ren Faire in so many ways!

So. Much. Food.

My favorite food at the Faire (and in all of Wisconsin): cheese! Amazing cheese fritters with BBQ sauce & spicy mustard.
I LOVE strawberry ice cream - especially with big chunks of strawberries mixed in!

Aforementioned pink drink led to the acquisition of a little pink hat... I don't know exactly where I'll wear it (besides the Faire), but it's so bloody cute! :-)


  1. I'm with you in the geek Ren Faire category! I love RF, but I haven't been to a good one in years. The one in my area is so small!

    Those cheese fritters look DELICIOUS!

  2. Love the Ren Faire! Come to the ATL sometime and we will go to ours!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for showing us the Faire! Perhaps chain mail next time.

  4. @Marni: Totally!! I've never been to your area - I need to remedy that soon!

    @Rob-bear: LOL! There was sooo much chainmail! I'll have post some of the more interesting pics another time.

  5. I love the cheese fritteres at renn faire also. Wiso i could make them at home when im un able to attend the faire :(


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