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Goodbye, 30-something.
Hello, 30-something + 1 (a big move into a new age category box - sigh).

Showing off my waving skills in my stylin' BK crown 
It's that time of the year again... oh yes, it's the day in which we all celebrate the fabulousness that is ME!

As far as birthdays go, my awesome number birthday (10.11.12) isn't looking too exciting, as the entire day will be packed with paper grading, midterms, and meetings. However, the rest of the month will be filled with various celebrations with many of my favorite people (starting with a dinner at Geja's tomorrow), so I guess I can't complain too much, right?

Also, a very happy birthday to my teenage crush, Luke Perry... and happy National Sausage Pizza Day to all! :-)



  1. I need a copy of this picture for the family wall over here. It's so freakin' cute! :)

  2. What an ADORABLE picture!! Side note, I don't think that the BK crown has changed at all, haha

  3. Every year should be special. YOU are the Best.

  4. You are so cute, and seriously, I can totally tell that it's you. :-)

  5. Happy birthday! Hope it was a great one.

    Still, that thirtysomething + 1 has me thinking 29. We Bears are not too bright when it comes to more numbers than we can count on our claws.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

    Oh, NO! the dreaded "prove you;re not a robot thing." Ugh!

  6. You are so cute, and seriously, I can totally tell that it's you. :-)


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