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Suburban Eats: Silverland Bakery

I was recently contacted by Silverland Bakery to see if I would be interested in sampling and reviewing some of their products. I will admit that I do get contacted quite often about reviews and I've had to learn to become picky about what I say yes to, as I don't want to end up in a situation where I have to promote a product I wouldn't otherwise buy/use/eat. However, in this case, I took one look at their website and sent back an email with an emphatic "hell, yes!!" (in a much more professional tone, of course). :-)

Silverland Bakery is a small mother and daughter run company, with an amazing selection of offerings including brownies, blondies, cookies, fruit bars, and raw bars; this includes several gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free products. Bonus: all of their ingredients are non-GMO and preservative & trans-fat free. Not only are they an awesome independent bakery that offers high-quality products, but also founder Athena Uslander established a community foundation to enhance the lives and self-esteem of women and girls in need. A pro-woman company that offers handcrafted baked goods and gives back to the community? To me, that is the epitome of small business goodness.

Silverland sent me a complimentary package of twelve dessert bars, along with a giant White Chocolate Blueberry Cookie (one of their newest products). Holy motherload of desserts! I took the tray to a get-together with friends and quartered each bar so that we could all try a little of each (click photo to enlarge for maximum foodie porn!). We all loved each of the bars and had a hard time deciding on our favorites - personally, I was torn between the Siberian Bearclaw, the Salted Caramel Brownie, and the Raspberry Crumble Bar.

Here are a few highlights of our sampling party:

Siberian Bearclaw: White chocolate brownie batter accented with white chocolate chips, whole cashews, and caramel. Hands down, this bar was a favorite of everyone who tried it (there may have even been a small scuffle for the last bite!). It has the perfect combination of flavors and is something that I haven't seen before at other bakeries. Trust me, this bar alone is enough to make a visit to Silverland worth your time!

Seven Layer Bar: Graham cracker crust, sweet milk, coconut, chocolate chips, butterscotch drops, and walnuts. As they mention on their website, this bar is all "crunchy melty goodness."

Salted Caramel Brownie: Chocolate Caramel Brownie with a dusting of pure sea salt. Rich chocolate, gooey caramel, and salt... you really cannot go wrong with such a delicious combination!

Raspberry Crumble Bar: Raspberry-filled fruit bar with an all-butter crumble crust and topping. I tend to get very judgy when it comes to fruit bars (I love both raspberry and lemon bars) - Silverland's version definitely did not disappoint! It has a great balance of sweet/tart and the crust is very light & buttery.

Flax Raw Bar: Flax, sunflower, and sesame seeds with evaporated cane juice and non-hydrogenated soybean oil. Silverland's Raw Bars are all vegan, wheat-free, dairy-free, and have no added sugar. While I wouldn't choose to eat one for dessert (I'm sorry, but that awesome Bearclaw will win 100% of the time), they are a great alternative to shelf-stable bars. In fact, everyone who taste-tested this bar mentioned that it was like a fresher version of an energy bar.

Silverland Bakery is located in Forest Park, IL. You can also order their products online (free shipping for orders over $35!) or find them in select Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Argo Tea, and Nordstrom locations.


  1. Holy crap. That Siberian Bearclaw sounds AMAZING!!!

  2. I'm guessing my invite got lost in the mail. LOL!! Everything looks great! :)

  3. @The Chicago Blogger: LOL! You've been so busy with work and all of your other doings... too busy to sample awesomeness, I guess. ;-) We should take a trip out there!

  4. The Siberian Bearclaw was super amazing. I could have eaten an entire tray of them. And the brownie was also one of my top faves!!! Chicago foodie girl made the get-together extra memorable with her generous sharing of these tasty treats. :)

  5. my god! That 7-layer bar is calling out to me... I have got to visit this bakerY ASAP! ;)

  6. That salted caramel brownie looks delicious!!!

  7. I have always heard awesome things about Silverland Bakery but have never been there despite it being less than a mile from my house. I think I've been convinced to visit. Yum!!

  8. I have been going there for years and years and it never gets old! My oldest and I love the salted caramel brownie. My youngest loves the cookies and cream brownie and my middle loves the classic double fudge. I have to say.....I do love their vegan bars.....especially the peanut butter flax, regular flax, and the apricot bar. Simply delicious!

  9. @Jacky: You definitely need to check it out! The next time I make a trip out there, I'm going to swing by - I need another one of those awesome bearclaws :-)

    @April: Ooooh, I'm going to have to try that cookies & cream brownie!


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