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Travel Guide: Tom's Farm Market

Last weekend was absolutely gorgeous (and most likely our last perfect fall weekend of the year), so Diana and I decided it was finally time for our fall fun extravaganza. Every year, we designate at least one day to pack in as pumpkin/apple/fall awesomeness as possible.

While we vary our activities each year, we always make time for a visit to Tom's Farm Market in Huntley, IL. Compared to some of the other mega markets/pumpkin patches in the area, it's relatively small, which is most definitely part of its charm. They go all out with fun pumpkin decorations and the corn maze (it was zombie-shaped this year); they also have a small petting zoo with some very friendly goats and sheep, along with the cutest little cafe that serves some dang good cider and donuts. The best part that because it is a smaller family-owned market, there are always all sorts of personal touches (including various depictions of Tom's family as scarecrows/pumpkinheads) and it's never too crazy packed.

 I started out with a lovely breakfast of pumpkin pancakes with pecan crumbles and maple-spice butter from one of my favorite neighborhood brunch spots, Uncommon Ground. Sooooo much pumpkiny deliciousness!  

Cuban Sandwich with pulled pork & ham, baby swiss cheese, pickles, dijon mustard & mojo dipping sauce on a telera roll; Smashing Pumpkin latte (with a scoop of Bobtail pumpkin ice cream); pumpkin pancakes and chicken sausage.

 Tom's Farm Market

The most adorable little pumpkin!

 Tom's parents, immortalized in the pumpkin outhouse ;-)

 Getting sassy with the pumpkin Cat in the Hat

 The rabbit area has a fantastic mini replica of Tom's barn

 This cute little goat wanted nothing to do with me or my camera until I offered him some snacks

As soon as he was finished noshing, he went right back to snubbing me - he definitely drives a hard bargain ;-)

After we finished in the petting zoo, we headed over to the zombie corn maze - of course, we were far too cool to take a map, so we ended up circling though one of his legs at least three times.

 Corn maze shadow selfies

 Once we finally escaped from the corn maze, we made our way down the wooded path o' pumpkin doom (ooooh!)

The sky was so incredibly blue and clear - we couldn't have asked for a more perfect fall day!

We ended our visit with some delicious apple cider and pumpkin spice doughnuts

Happy Halloween to all of our awesome readers! 


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