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Chicago Eats: Quicky with Ricky

Earlier this month, Diana and I were invited to stop by the swanky Virgin Hotels Chicago for a Quicky with Ricky [insert a mental string of winky faces and kissy lips]. As sexy/seedy as that may sound, the rendezvous in question was actually not with hotel mogul Sir Richard Branson himself, but rather, his newest Chicago culinary venture, Miss Ricky's

Located in the front entrance of the gorgeous Virgin Hotel, Miss Ricky's is a modern take on the American diner (infused with Virgin's signature British cheekiness, of course!). The trendy, but still casual space is the third public dining option to open in the hotel; out of the three, this is one that is most focused on the idea of comfort. The space is filled with comfortable booths and eclectic colorful chairs in front of an open bar/kitchen; there's even a cute secluded space dubbed "The Casting Room" (complete with movie set decor) available for private parties. The food offerings follow along the same line; their comfort food-heavy menu includes specialty French toast, waffle, and egg dishes for breakfast, and sandwiches, pastas, savory pies, and rich desserts for the rest of the day.

We kicked off our tasting with an order of Feta Cheese Sticks: fried feta, cucumber yogurt, and harissa aioli. As I mentioned on Instagram, these aren't your typical diner greasy mozzarella sticks with marinara... the feta ups the game & the sauces introduce a whole new level deliciousness!

The Remedy: Grey Goose vodka, Chareau aloe vera liquor, white cranberry & jasmine mist. We both gravitated toward this strong vodka cocktail - after a particularly long week, it really hit the spot! If you're a vodka lover, The Remedy is a must (it would also make an awesome addition to a boozy weekend brunch!).

 For my entrée, I chose to go with one of the heavily British-influenced offerings, Miss Ricky's Fish Pie: salmon, whitefish, herbs & crunchy potato topping. While I enjoyed the huge chucks of salmon and crunchy potatoes, I liked the leftovers twice as much the day with a dose of Sriracha. This pie is definitely the ultimate in comfort foods - I do recommend that you order with a side of hot sauce for an extra flavorful experience.

How cute are these mini Le Creuset skillets?! I kind of wanted to slip a few into my purse on the way out the door... especially after that cocktail. ;-)

 Diana also chose a British-inspired dish, the Beef Short Rib Pie with marrow bone and root vegetables in a buttery pastry. She loved the perfectly cooked short rib paired with the rich, buttery crust. I snagged a bite of the short rib and I have to admit that I was a tiny bit jealous; while the fish pie was good, this was outstanding (and again, the ultimate in comfort food!).

Normally, I wouldn't photograph a soda, but look how cute their glasses are - they're shaped exactly like soda cans!

Chicken and Waffles: Sriracha chicken waffle, buttermilk fried chicken & Sriracha honey sauce. This dish was a clear favorite amongst both the breakfast and dinner crowds. While the idea of chicken and waffles isn't anything new, these waffles actually have pieces of the sriracha chicken running through them.

Death by Chocolate: chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Hands down, this is the coolest-looking dessert on the menu, so of course, Diana and I had to try it.

 Yes, it's a lovely chocolate cake, but let's be real... the star of the show is really the fabulous chocolate knife, right?!

The dark chocolate knife filled with oozy caramel is such a fun addition to the dessert. Yes, it tasted just as fabulous as it looks!

We finished off our tasting with the motherload of Miss Ricky's desserts (or entrée, if you're in the mood for something indulgent and sweet), the Tupelo King doughnut with peanut marshmallow fluff, roasted bananas & honey-glazed bacon. *Whew* This baby was a beauty in both looks and taste!

This doughnut was so spectacular that we joked that we should take photos from every angle... and then we actually did!

On the way out we just had to stop by and pay a visit to the funky wall of neckties, boxers, and skirts.... it looks like Ricky had quite a few quickies. ;-)

Miss Ricky's is currently open from 6am-12am Sunday-Thursday and until 2am Friday & Saturday (rumor has it the restaurant will be open 23 hours per day during the summer): 203 N. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL.

Thanks for the quicky, Ricky... it was definitely good for me!

ETA: This restaurant has closed.


  1. Sounds nice, and looks delicious! I think I'll check it out. Do you remember what the beer selection was like?

    1. The beer selection isn't huge -- mostly selections you would find in any typical diner (bud, schlitz, stella), but they do have a few IPAs and Guiness. The cocktail menu is definitely more extensive.

  2. Starr those Feta Sticks are calling my name!! As is that caramel-filled chocolate knife -- what an awesome idea!! As always I feel like I'm enjoying this meal right here with you and the photos are superb! The lighting in Miss Ricky's is challenging to work with but you, as usual, nailed the shots with beautiful clarity!

    Sed Bona

  3. Awesome images my luv. xoxo



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