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Chicago Eats: Red Velvet Sprinkles Sundaes

Now that the summer weather has officially taken over the city (we've left my beloved 60/70° temps and moved into the consistent 80/90° range), I've spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about ice cream. I'll take a scoop of ice cream with my oatmeal, a side of ice cream with my favorite summer strawberry salad, and a bowl of ice cream for dessert. Oh, do I want sprinkles with that? Yes, please and thank you. So it should come as no surprise when Sprinkles Cupcakes invited Ashley and me into their kitchen to learn how to make their signature cupcake ice cream sundaes, I may have done a little dance of five-year-old-hopped-up-on-birthday-cake happiness around my living room. Cupcakes and ice cream?! Oh hell yes!

How can you not love an ATM that dispenses cupcakes?!

Before we headed into the kitchen, we had to ogle the rows of beautiful cupcakes, mixes, and other Sprinkles-themed paraphernalia. I love that even if you don't live near a Sprinkles, you can still make their signature cupcakes!

They even have cupcake treats for your favorite four-legged friends!

After drooling all over the cupcakes in the front, we headed back to the magical kitchen o' sugary, sparkly heaven where we encountered tray after tray of every type of delicious cupcakes.

Cupcakes in action!

Once we were sufficiently hopped up on cupcake fumes (seriously, it smelled *amazing* in there!), we headed over to our station for our Red Velvet Sprinkles Sundaes demo.

For all of you red velvet lovers out there, this is most definitely the ultimate treat. This sundae starts out with a red velvet cupcake made even better with a scoop of red velvet cupcake ice cream... oh yes, it's a red velvet on red velvet sundae! 

To make the sundae, first, remove the wrapper and gently separate the cupcake top from the bottom (i.e. gently decapitate the cupcake).

Next, add a heaping scoop (or two!) of red velvet cupcake ice cream.

Finally, finish it off with the cupcake top.

Voilà! The ultimate Red Velvet Sprinkles Sundae!

After the demo, Ashely and I got to put our newfound sundae-making skills to work (yes, they made us work for our cupcake treats!).

How amazing does this ice cream look?! Wooooeeee! Ashley and I both contemplated abandoning our duties and diving right into the pint, but we somehow managed to restrain ourselves.

My finished sundae! Easy-peasy and so, so delicious!

After finishing our time at cupcake sundae university (and demolishing our sundaes, naturally!), we were rewarded with our very own boxes of cupcakes and pints of ice cream in order to continue the sundae party at home. Score!


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