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noosa yoghurt: unlike any other!

This may come as a bit of a surprise, but I've had a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with yogurt for the majority of my adult life. I know, I know. Could I have picked something any *less* controversial in which to have a crazy back and forth relationship? It's a quick and easy meal/snack, it's full of health benefits, it's extremely versatile, and there are a bazillion different flavor options... what's there not to love about yogurt, right?! Well, no matter how many times over the years I've tried to trick myself into loving it, realistically, I've just never been into the taste or texture (it always seemed to be too bitter and/or too runny)… until that wonderful day last year in which the fabulous noosa® yoghurt came into my life. *cue singing angels and tinkly bells*

Last fall, Diana told me that I absolutely had to try their pumpkin yoghurt because it was the most amazing stuff ever. While I admit  I was slightly skeptical, I trusted her opinion (plus, pumpkin!), so I dutifully drove to the store and picked up a single container of their pumpkin variety. Let me just say that that single container of yoghurt changed my life. It was so different than any other I had ever tried... maybe because it's Australian-style yoghurt and not just yogurt or maybe it's because it's rich, smooth, and strikes that absolutely perfect balance between sweet and tart. As I realized that day, noosa® yoghurt really is a product that is unlike any other.

noosa® in the big city!

Almost a year after their pumpkin yoghurt single-handedly swayed my relationship to the love end of the spectrum, the good folks at noosa® offered me a chance to sample even more of their farm fresh flavors - I took one look at their email and sent back an emphatic "hell, yes!!" (in a much more professional tone, of course). I mean, how could I say no to such a perfect opportunity seeing as noosa® is by far the best yoghurt I've ever tasted? While Australian in origin, the American offerings of this fantastic yoghurt are made on-site in Bellvue, Colorado; the company sources milk locally in Colorado from family farms located within an hour of Bellvue. Not only do they offer 14 fruity flavors from which to choose, but also their yoghurts are all infused with a touch of clover and alfalfa honey (which just happens to be one of my favorite varieties of honey).

While I was tempted to immediately rip the top off all of the pumpkin containers and go to town, I decided to save them for a lovely lazy Sunday morning brunch pairing. As soon as the first weekend of gorgeous fall weather finally hit, I knew it was time for the first pumpkin extravaganza of the season!

noosa's® sweet and creamy pumpkin yoghurt + homemade pumpkin flax granola + a pumpkin latte = pure fall happiness!

Along with my favorite pumpkin flavor, noosa® also sent me a variety of their traditional flavors to sample AND their newest fall flavor offering, cranberry apple!

Seeing as their cranberry apple flavor was brand new to me (in fact, I don't think I've ever seen that variety of yoghurt anywhere else!), I had to try it all on its own. While nothing will ever replace their pumpkin yoghurt for me, I have to admit this is a *very* strong contender, as it has the perfect sweet/tart balance along with the natural tang from the cranberries. As with all of their varieties, I also love that it has the thick consistency of Greek yogurt, but without the overwhelmingly bitter aftertaste.

As much as I love fall flavors, I also miss the summer's bounty of cherries, so after happily noshing my way through numerous flavor varieties, I decided it was time to do something special with the tart cherry. Instead of using syrup, Mario and I topped a stack of mini chocolate chip waffles with the tart cherry yogurt and immediately fell in love with our creation. The lightly sweetened tart cherry turned our waffle stack into a decadent-feeling dessert - it was almost as if it were topped with a creamy cherry pie filling. In other words, holy yum!

noosa® tart cherry drip action!

I'm happy to report that noosa's® pumpkin yoghurt was not just a one-off for me; I have truly enjoyed every flavor that I've sampled thus far and can honestly say that I'm firmly hanging out on the love end of my relationship with yoghurt thanks to noosa®. Yay!
Want to try noosa® for yourself? Click on the image above for a coupon!

This blog post is sponsored by noosa® yoghurt and SocialMoms. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. 



  1. Actually, most of what's in the grocery aisle is loaded with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. The whole idea it is healthy is more about marketing than anything else. Also, many yogurt companies are putting carrageenan (a highly processed seaweed that has shown to cause intestinal inflammation in lab experiments) in their products to create a smoother texture.

    1. From what I've read, noosa doesn't contain carrageenan. I've tried homemade yogurts before and I can't say that I've really enjoyed any of them on their own (it's fine when it's mixed in and/or as a topping). Noosa's pumpkin variety is the first I can say I truly liked on its own.

    2. Peapod carries it. You're right, they have no "light" version where carrageenan is often used. It certainly appears to be healthier than most on the market based on the ingredient list, but sugar does show as the second ingredient. I was surprised that even the natural honey flavor contains 9g of sugar per serving.

  2. Replies
    1. Have you tried their new cranberry apple flavor? It's so good!

    2. I love the passion fruit!

  3. Our favorite yogurt of all time! We love to mix the pineapple and coconut flavors :-)

    1. Yum! I haven't tried the pineapple yet, but it's on my list! If you haven't already, you should definitely try the new cranberry apple.

    2. Definitely going to be on the lookout for it now :-)


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