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Chicago Eats: Brunch at Artango Bar & Steakhouse

Ever since our first visit to Artango Bar & Steakhouse (formerly known as Artango Bistro) last year, Mario and I have considered ourselves to be major fans of the sexy Argentinian spot. During the beginning of 2015, we had both been dealing with some particularly stressful situations at work and the gross late winter weather seemed unrelenting; thanks to a combination of exhaustion from the persistent stress and the offensive slushy ick permeating the city, we fell into a pattern of flopping on the couch, ordering takeout, and completely zoning out at the end of every day. After a few months of the same old, same old, we finally got sick of ourselves, so we peeled our butts off of the couch and made our way over to Artango for a change of pace. That night we ended up falling hard for the restaurant's romantic atmosphere, beautiful one-of-a-kind décor, and the delicious South American cuisine... and it has been a place that we've returned to over and over ever since (thankfully, we're now both in much better places with our jobs - getting tenure definitely tends to help!).

Near the end of the year, husband-and-wife owners Maria Alferov and Sebastian Casanova announced that they were shuttering their Ravenswood digs and moving their restaurant/dance studio to the heart of Lincoln Square (into the former home of Trattoria Trullo, right on the corner of Lincoln and Lawrence). The new location opened a few months ago and brought with it not only increased visibility for them but also a major increase in space, which is now decked out in a gorgeous theme inspired by the 1920s Golden Age of Buenos Aires. The move also brought a bevy of new dishes, fab new cocktail menus, large open windows with plenty of natural light, and the space for a small section of sidewalk seating.

Mario and I recently stopped by to check out their new brunch menu (and of course, the new cocktail menus!). Mario started out the afternoon with a Mojito from their South American Classic menu...

...while I went with the Mi Buenos Aires: tequila reposado, Cointreau, orange juice, pineapple juice (also from the classics menu). In addition to the classics, Artango also features a menu dedicated to Prohibition-era cocktails, including two of my all-time favorites, the Savoy Corpse Reviver, and the Daisy Cutter Martini.

As this was our first visit for brunch, we vowed to try dishes we had never ordered before. Our server suggested we start out with one of his personal favorites, the Tiradito Exotico: sashimi-style paiche (Amazonian fish), leche de tigre, crispy quinoa, and micro greens. We both love sashimi, so this dish was definitely right up our alley! The paiche was perfectly cured and quinoa added a welcomed crunchy texture to the fish.

Our next dish was one that as soon as I spotted in on the menu, I knew I couldn't live without it; the Provoleta: melted smoked provolone cheese, cherry tomatoes, and chimichurri. I already knew I would love this dish, as it contains two of my favorite things ever (cheese and chimichurri), but man did I fall hard! The combination of the smokey, melty cheese, full-flavored chimichurri, and tangy tomatoes was just too much for me to want to share... Mario should really consider himself lucky he got a single bite. Holy deliciousness!

Our server also highly recommended the Plato de Degustacion: grilled chorizo, marinated eggplant & bell pepper, and spicy aioli. Being a bona fide chorizo fiend, Mario was especially happy with this meaty platter.

For his entrée, Mario chose the Lomito: grilled skirt steak, tomatoes, red onion, avocado, fried egg, and Yukon gold potatoes. As the Provoleta was for me, this sandwich was a combination some of his favorite foods, so of course, he absolutely loved it! In fact, he said it was one of the best versions of a breakfast sandwich he's ever had.

After all of the meats and cheeses, I wanted to end the meal on a slightly lighter note, so I ordered the Potato Waffle with smoked salmon, crème fraîche, arugula, and chives. I was quite intrigued by the concept of a completely savory waffle, as most savory versions usually still include some sort of sweet component (typically a syrup). I have to admit it took me a minute to adjust to the lack of sweetness, but once I did I found I greatly enjoyed the combination of the crunchy potato waffle with the salmon and cooling crème fraîche.

Mario and I were both quite happy with our brunch experience at the new & improved Artango and can't wait to get back over to Lincoln Square to check out their new dinner menu (and maybe even indulge in a tango lesson!). You can try all of this deliciousness and more at the new location of Artango Bar & Steakhouse: 4767 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL.


  1. Need to check this place out!
    Some of the dishes described perfectly my lovely South America..
    And that Mojito though... ;)

    1. It's such a lovely restaurant. You would have a fantastic time - especially on tango night!


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