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Chicago Eats: Omakase Dinner at Strings Ramen

While there were once few options in Chicago for ramen (outside of dorm room dining); thankfully, it's no longer seen here as a novelty food. Over the last few years, in particular, there has been a rash of ramen shop openings, ranging from the traditional/authentic end to the more modern/Americanized renditions. Chicago still isn't exactly known as a hardcore ramen town like NY or LA, but there are still plenty of fantastic places to get your ramen fix. I make it my mission every winter to eat as much ramen as possible (while I do enjoy it all year round, my body goes into serious ramen-craving mode as soon as the temperature plunges). I've come to realize through my ramen forays that I prefer a creamy broth and firm, chewy noodles (I've also come to realize that I really shouldn't eat it in public because I will inevitably end up with broth all over my shirt! 🤣).

While I have my favorites at just about every ramen stop in the city, the one that always keeps me going back for more is the perfectly done tonkotsu ramen with kuro buta at Strings Ramen Shop. The broth is so thick and rich that it coats your mouth with is meaty deep roasted flavor. The noodles (unlike those at most other ramen spots in Chicago) are made fresh daily with an imported Japanese mixer and noodle maker, resulting in a thin and firm noodle that holds up in even the boldest of broths. Considering my love for Strings, it should come as no surprise that as soon as I heard they were hosting a summer omakase dinner, I was first in line to snag a ticket to this fab event held their new-ish Lakeview location!

Amuse-bouche: fresh shrimp cocktail topped with ikura

Zukemono: sake-cured salmon with Japanese cucumber, shiso, daikon, and nasu

Tataki: yellowfin tuna, wakame, and spicy yuzu 

Fumet Ramen: slow simmered lobster, fish, and chicken broth, topped with filet mignon, micro shiso, and yuzu

Dessert: red bean mochi with green tea ice cream (with a bonus Pride-themed cupcake)

It was such a treat to sample some of Chef Katie's specialty sashimi, as well as the umami-rich fumet ramen; while tonkatsu ramen will always be my favorite, the light and flavorful seafood broth is perfect for the summer! This particular dinner was for one night only; however, I highly recommend keeping an eye out for their next event (no date is set yet, but they're planning to host another dinner in the fall). In the meantime, you can check out all of the fantastic ramen options Strings has to offer (and maybe even take on the hell ramen challenge!) at one of their two Chicago locations or their newly opened Madison, WI location.

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