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Travel Eats: Mike's Donuts & Chicken in Kenosha, WI

As I've mentioned here before, I have a soft spot for Wisconsin. I spent my undergraduate years there and have fond memories of the land of amazing dairy products (yes, I know there's so much more to the state than its delicious cheese, but really, cheese always takes precedence!). Back when I lived up there, Chicago was one of my favorite spots for spontaneous road trips and now that I live in Chicago, the Milwaukee-area has taken that place of honor.

It was during one of those random road trips a few years ago that I first stumbled upon the quirky and fun Mike's Donuts & Chicken in downtown Kenosha. Open since 2014, Mike's quickly established itself as the spot to go to worship at the altar of the almighty combo of donuts, chicken, craft beer, and whiskey. Along with the daily rotating donut offerings, donut and chicken specialties, 80 different craft beers on tap, Mike also boasts a wide variety of Jameson offerings, including Jameson on top, cocktails made with Jamesons, and my personal favorite, the Wall of Jameson. Made up of reserved bottles, each buyer signs the Book of Jameson and designates the list of people who have the authority to drink from that bottle.

How can you not feel anything but happy at a restaurant with such an adorable logo?!

Of course, you have to try the signature Donuts & Chicken. Back in 2015, I never would have thought to pair donuts and chicken, but it all made sense after only a single bite (and now that pairing is everywhere!). Not only is Mike's version ridiculously photogenic, but it's also the perfect combination of salty and sweet - it's like an even better version of chicken and waffles. 

Another must-order and personal favorite are the Donut Glazed Wings. Similar in concept to the donuts & chicken, these crispy wings coated with a donut glaze offer a perfectly satisfying combination of sweet and savory.

If you're not into the donut/chicken mashup, there are still plenty of delicious chicken options such as my go-to sandwich, the Blue Buffalo (Buffalo chicken and blue cheese) on a fluffy biscuit.

Of course, you can't leave Mike's without trying their donuts, or even better yet, a Donut Pizza! They start by shaping the donut dough into a pizza-like crust, baking it off, and then topping it with various glazes and candies. Their pizzas come in five flavors: Classic (covered in rainbow sprinkles), Cinnamon Toast Crunch (my favorite!), S’mores, Peanut Butter Explosion, and Oreo.

They also offer an array of freshly made super fluffy donuts, including flavors such as Bacon Maple (this is definitely one of their best!), Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Cyclops, Jolly Rancher, Lucky Charms, Almond Joy, and Mud Pie. Don't get there too late in the day though, as they tend to sell out early, especially on the weekends!

Unfortunately, Mike's Donuts & Chicken is closing this week, so you only have a few days to head up to Wisconsin to get your donuts and chicken on (so sad!). However, they're planning for some pop-ups in 2020, so you're not totally out of luck if you miss out this week (yay!). You can try all of this deliciousness and more at Mike's Donuts & Chicken: 701 56th St., Kenosha, WI.

ETA: This restaurant has closed.

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