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Recent Foodie Finds: Delivery Edition

Tap, tap, tap... is this thing on? *Ahem.* How do I even start this post? Suffice to say that I didn't intend to disappear for five months, but well... this year has sucked. I mean, I know you all already know it, but is there really any other way to put it? 2020 is trash. Between the pandemic, social unrest, job stress, the painful hit on Chicago's restaurant community, the loss of my social life, the terrifying presence of anti-science and anti-logic masses, the President's dangerous tomfoolery, sickness/death, and the possibility of what's yet to come when I return to campus next week, 2020 has been one of the most emotional, complicated, and strangest years of my life. Again, I know this isn't unique to me, but I felt weird jumping back in this space without some sort of acknowledgment/update. </rant>

As with many of you, I have been working from home since mid-March, which has given me ample opportunity to make my way through numerous delivery/pickup options (side note: I am so grateful to live in a city/neighborhood with plentiful options, as I burned out on the daily cooking routine about a month into the stay-at-home order! 😂). In an effort to *not* have to think about meal planning and as a way to support the restaurant community, I dove head-on into delivery/pickup and turned our apartment into our own private virtual restaurant. While I haven't yet returned to dining in, I'm still heavily ordering in (and I've even ventured out for a few super socially distant outdoor photoshoots), so I have plenty of delicious content to share with you!

Here are a few of my recent foodie finds (follow me on Instagram for even more)...

The Dirty Burg from The Loyalist (via Tock). Named one of the best burgers in the country, I've been itching to get my hands on this beauty. Made of short rib, chuck and ground bacon, and topped with housemade pickles, American cheese, onions, and onion-infused mayo on a sesame seed bun, this burger is messy, indulgent, and so freaking delicious! And YES, it's absolutely one of the best burgers I've ever had!

New favorite combo: Brown Sugar Boba Tea paired with the crispiest, most delicious Popcorn Chicken with basil from Taiwanese street food spot Hello Jasmine. I’ve tried *a lot* of fried chicken this summer - these poppable bites absolutely are amongst my favorites! 

While I'm hesitant to declare a favorite donut shop in Chicago (as I have favorite donuts from every shop!), Do-Rite Donuts has definitely been our most-ordered over the last five months. Mario (aka my other half) is partial to the Old Fashioneds, while I always reach for the Birthday Cake Sprinkles and the Apple Fritter. We also both LOVE the Candied Maple Bacon, so of course, we always have to order two.

Steak 48 is one of our all-time favorite steakhouses/go-to special occasion spots (see our amazing first visit here). Since we couldn't dine out for Mario's birthday, we treated ourselves to a fab dinner, complete with steak, lobster, wine pairing, and a decadent chocolate cake, at home. 

Speaking of favorites, the South African Lobster Pot from Eddie V's is one of my favorite seafood dishes in Chicago, so of course,  had to jump on it as soon as I saw they were offering it as a takeout option! The meaty South African lobster tails are broiled with garlic, heirloom tomatoes, and fresh herbs in a pool of buttery deliciousness.

I finally popped my smoothie bowl cherry at the newest location of Hi-Vibe in West Lakeview with the  OG Açaí: banana and lemon chaga tea topped with Hi-Vibe granola, coconut shreds, bee pollen, seasonal fruit, cinnamon maca almond butter. While I previously had made smoothie bowls at home, this was my first time trying a professionally made bowl. Spoiler alert: shockingly, it was soooo much better than my homemade bowls. 

I've never been much of a hot dog person, but the gourmet dogs from Dog Haus officially have turned me into one! My current favorite is the So Cali (center) with wild arugula, avocado, tomato, crispy onions, and spicy basil aioli.

In my quest to try allll of the delicious fried chicken sandwiches in Chicago, I stumbled upon the Midwestern Fried Chicken Sandwich with bacon fat ranch, Wisconsin cheddar, pepper bacon, and pickles from Longman & Eagle. If you like your chicken sammies crispy, peppery, and insanely delicious, this is a must-order! 

We also sampled Longman & Eagle's special Burger Day Ultimate Hometown Burger creation: Slagel Family Farm dry-aged patty topped with Italian beef, provolone, giardiniera, and sweet peppers with au jus on the side for dipping. This is now my new favorite way to enjoy an Italian beef! 

Ever since my favorite neighborhood Detroit-style pizza joint closed, I've been on a hunt for a new spot. Thankfully, Five Squared popped into my life just in time - as a native Michigander, I grew up eating Detroit-style pizza and I can absolutely say it is legit! They offer both pickup and delivery every Friday; each box contains 4 slices and you can mix and match (DM via Instagram to order!). Pepperoni, Pesto, PBnJ (pepperoni, bacon, jalapeño), and Cheeseburger (100% grass-fed 85/15 ground beef, caramelized onions, American cheese, homemade classic burger sauce). 

Along with fried chicken sandwiches, we've also been working our way through the plentiful chicken wing options in our neighborhood (I've become a bit of a wing connoisseur over the last year 😉). We celebrated National Chicken Wing Day with the special saucy and sweet Honey Buffalo Wings from Urban Grill Chicago

S'More Cupcakes from Sprinkles Cupcakes (my all-time Sprinkles favorites!): graham cracker-lined Belgian dark chocolate cake filled with bittersweet chocolate ganache and topped with toasted marshmallow frosting. 

Just look at that sexy chocolatey goodness! 


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