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Recent Foodie Finds

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a fabulous Chrismahanukwanzakah (I'm a firm advocate of celebrating everything, as more holidays = more friends, food, and fun drinks!) and a fabulous start to 2014. As per usual, I spent the first two weeks of my winter break pretending as though I don't actually have any responsibilities (it was all parties, middle of the day drinks, baking, and DVR catch-up sessions); however, the time has come to put the finishing touches on my syllabi and to officially start stressing about getting up at 5AM in the frigid weather (uggggh).

Here's a bit of what happened during the last few weeks...

Food Blogger Events

I kicked off my break with the perfect event: a lovely brunch at NellcĂ´te, hosted by Chicago Food Bloggers. The food was fantastic (oh, the delicious lobster hash *swoon*), the drinks were plentiful, and the conversation flowed (punctuated by numerous foodie photo breaks, of course). :-)
Foodiechats holiday party at Chi-Town Eatery (yes, I won a $50 gift certificate in the drawing! huzzah!)

Media opening of Blaze Pizza's newest location (build-your-own thin crust pizza FTW!)

Exploring Eataly

If you live in Chicago and haven't yet visited the newest Eataly location, you need to get on it immediately! Eataly is FOOD HEAVEN! Seriously, the fresh pasta will blow you away, the cheese section is to die for, and the Nutella bar... well, what's there not to love about a Nutella bar?!


So far we've seen The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (where I rocked my special District 12 Victor shirt), Thor: The Dark World (OMG, Loki!), Saving Mr. Banks, and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I also spent some quality time on the couch with a few on-demand movies: Don Jon, The Five Year Engagement, and A Night at the Roxbury (yes, it was my first time - as I mentioned on Twitter, unfortunately, I think I was far too sober and about 10 years too old to fully appreciate its charms).

Project 365

One of my 2013 Life List Goals was to take a photo every day for the year; I'm proud to say that I stuck with it and completed my first round of Project 365! As I mentioned in my Life List Goals post, the point of participating in the project was to record the big and small moments of the year; additionally, I wanted to improve my photography skills. While I still need to work on the technical aspects, my ability to see what would make a good photo has vastly improved - once I trained myself to look for interesting subjects throughout the day, there were more days than not in which I had a collection of solid photos from which to choose. I toyed with the idea of completing the project again this year (as I have a fab new camera), but I decided to focus more on my writing (blogging and other creative nonfiction pieces) instead. However, I am planing to complete a modified version of the project during my summer break.

If you're not friends with me on Facebook (or don't have an FB account), you can follow this link to view my entire Project 365 album.

Christmas & New Year's Day Fun 


I'm not big on New Year's resolutions (mostly because I don't care for the negative connotations), but as you know, I am one of those task-oriented, goal-driven, list-making people. While I don't feel the need to shame myself into making promises that I'll most likely never follow through with, I do love the idea of taking stock of where I am with my Life List and moving forward into the new year with a positive attitude. I'm still working on much of what I identified for last year and plan to continue down the same path this year.

I'm grateful for all of your support and look forward to another year filled with fabulous foodie adventures! Happy 2014! :-)


  1. Happy New Year! That pizza looks so delicious!

  2. @Ana: It was from Eataly -- everything there is fantastic! :-)

  3. That pasta looks awesome!!!

  4. I love your Project 365! It's also a great way to commemorate a year and would make an awesome photo album!! Happy New Year to you and yours!!! :-)

  5. I love your Project 365! It's also a great way to commemorate a year and would make an awesome photo album!! Happy New Year to you and yours!!! :-)

  6. I highly recommend American Hustle. Jennifer Lawrence is amazing.

  7. Happy new year! great pictures.


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